S P A : In the Tradition and Modernity

Each treatment is a ritual, every gesture evokes a perception, every balm has story and every scent, an emotion. These rituals make each treatment a true celebration of the body.

Charme d’Orient draws inspiration from the vast and multiple traditional methods of the East to suit the needs of modern women. Moroccan tradition dictates the benefits of black soap and argan oil. The Syrian one tells us the story of Aleppo soap. Turkey takes us into the ceremonial of the Hammam. Cleopatra’s Egypt takes us back in time to the origins of beauty. The Dead Sea provides us with its mineral resources. wealth. India introduces us to the holistic approach of well-being

It is how Charme d’Orient offers products and treatments that are simultaneously trendy and timeless, inviting one to travel, with a quality and a know-how of the highest level. Easy care hammam Care body/rituals :