Rituals Hammam

The ritual begins with a shower, followed by a steam bath . Tea+sweet or salty delicacies are served at the end of care The Hammam Rituals are especially worked out for the harmony of the body and the spirit.


Our Rituals, real travels in the middle of the wellness will bring you relaxation. The framework, we wanted it magic in the tradition and modernity at the same time .


The use of the authentic products like black soap. (to remove you from the dead skins) followed by an envelopment Ghassoul (typical natural Mineral clay of the culture of the traditional hammam) followed by a massage body, will softness your skin. All treatments can be done in Couple or Plus.

All our Rituals of Hammam begins with a shower, followed by steam bath. Tea + Oriental Sweet or Salty delicacies are served at the end of care.

Ritual Hammam

Ritual Hammam : Steam Bath, Body Scrub with Black Soap and Glove “Kassa”.


Ritual of the Hammam

35,00 €

Traditional Ritual

Traditional Ritual : Ritual Hammam and Massage (30 mn) with Oriental fragrance Oil.

55,00 €

Purifying Ritual

Ritual of Hammam with Rassoul wrapping fragrance to Orange Blossome

42,00 €

Argan Earth Ritual

Argan Earth Ritual : It’s Ritual of Hammam with special wrapping with Argan Treatment and Full Body Massage (40min).

79,00 €

Ritual of India “Anti-Age”

Ritual of India “Anti-Age”: Steam bath, Body Scrub with Alum powder and Honey & Royal Jelly, wrapping with sesame cream and massage with sesame oil.

75,00 €

Toning Ritual and Light Legs

Toning Ritual and Light Legs: Steam bath, exfoliation with salts from the dead sea, wrapping with mud from dead sea and massage with cryogel.

69,00 €

Ritual Gingerbread Color

Ritual Gingerbread Color : Steam bath, friction Rassoul, tanning Henna wrapping

69,00 €

Ritual Hammam Oriental

Hammam ritual, body wrap with white clay honey & Royal jelly mask, oriental facial and Shea butter massage.

120,00 €


Hammam Ritual by Charme d'Orient

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