Oriental depilation with 100% honey : a cold method

Depilations exclusively with the oriental honey waxing this cold method have a exclusive brevet .

Benefits of the Honey Paste : depilation with honey contrary to the paste with the sugar with which one often associates acertain pain, the paste with honey more fulfillsthe requirements of the European woman,whose skin is sensitive and needs to be treated carefully.


The application, as a massage, is appropriate particularly to the active women who accumulate tiredness and stress, nervousness and tension in the legs.


                                      This method

  • support the venous return
  • reduced ingrown hairs
  • eliminates the cornea layer and makes the skin soften,
  • without additives chemical products, risk of burn or of allergies
  • rinses -itself with water at the end of the treatment, absence of residues on the skin

Oriental Depilation with honey

10,00 €

Depilation package

49,00 €

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